Aranmanai Movie Review

Aranmanai-movie-reviewCAST AND CREW
Production: Vision I Medias
Cast: Hansika, Lakshmi Rai, Sundar C, Vinay Rai
Direction: Sundar C
Screenplay: Sundar C
Story: Sundar C
Music: Bharathwaj
Background score: Karthik Raja
Cinematography: U K Senthil Kumar
Dialogues: Sundar C
Editing: Srikanth NB
Distribution: Red Giant Movies, Sri Thenandal Films
When you know you are going for a horror movie, you tend to make sure that you take as many people with you as possible. And when the horror film is directed by Sundar C, the movie watching experience turns out to be a gala fest.

Aranmanai sets the horror mood up straight away with the unanticipated appearance of the beautiful hand of the ghost (obviously has to be the hand of one of the three beautiful ladies in the movie), before the title comes up.

Like any Sundar C movie, the screen is packed with colour, humour, glamour and entertainment – and when these elements are mashed up with horror, the exuberance goes higher.

First things first, the leading ladies, Raai Lakshmi, Andrea Jeremiah and Hansika Motwani are all over the film, with each one of them having a sizeable role to play unlike the usual Tamil cinema pattern for heroines.

Raai Lakshmi’s glamorous and cute look, Andrea’s sensual yet laudable performance and Hansika’s charismatic appearance make the audience have their eyes and ears focussed on the screen.

Although the script and the elements attached in it to excite the audience are run of the mill, the humour package offered by Santhanam, Kovai Sarala, Swaminathan, Mano Bala and the others are fun and engaging to an extent. The comedy in the movie has worked more than the horror, and there are portions in the film where you would not know if you should laugh or shout out of fright.

The flashback sequences in the second gets a little too draggy – Hansika’s charming looks being the only saviour.

The director has made sure that the graphical elements that appear in the film are not tacky and the climax shot that swirls the possessed woman high up in the air with the diminishing solar eclipse in the backdrop is something that is worth a watch.

Its definitely not a full fledged Santhanam laugh riot, if you are expecting one. The logic of the predictable story does go for a toss. And the length should have been shorter with songs not helping the cause. Sundar C could have easily avoided the intro fight he has brought upon himself.

In short, Sundar C is back with his typical commercial, fun filled entertainer that has all elements that will keep you engaged all the way, making you overlook those “not-too-glaring” flaws. Like every horror movie, there are few disturbing visuals for the young aged audience that the parents might want to keep a check on.

Produced by Vision i Medias and distributed by Red Giant Movies and Sri Thenandal Films, Aranmanai would appeal to the masses.
Verdict: Watchable slapstick comedy mixed with horror

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