Yaan Movie Review

Yaan-Movie-ReviewYaan Movie Review

Cast: Jiiva, Thulasi Nair, Nasser, Jeyaprakash
Written and directed by: Ravi K. Chandran
Producer: R.S. Infotainment
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Manush Nandan

Chandru (Jiiva) bumps at Srila (Thulasi) at an ATM center. he is stunned at her looks but there are more stunning things happening around them. Most wanted terrorist Malik is being rounded up by police headed by the Commissioner of Ploice (Jayaprakash). The two are caught in the crossfire. Chandru manages to save Srila.

Then he chases her to tell his love and to make her love him. Srila accepts his love and gets him to her father, who is an ex-military man (Nasser). The father wants him to find a job before thining about marriage. Chandru contacts a travel agent and gets a job in Basilistan. He sets off to Baslistan but lands in trouble as he is trapped in international drug smuggling. Basilistan court gives him death sentence.

Srila is shattered to know the news but she is determined to save him. She decides to try all the means to save his lover. She goes to Baslistan.

Meanwhile Chandru finds that terrorist Malik is alive and he is in Baslistan.
Could Srila do anything to save Chandru? Could Chandru do anything about Malik?

Script review:
Ravi K. Chandran has a strong story revolving around the drug smuggling and the legal procedures in a Muslim country like Baslistan. Instead of concentrating on this story he wastes time in romantic sequences in the first half. That the romantic scenes haven’t come out nice makes things worse. Some youthful moments and some giggles here and there could not save the first half.

The second half is relatively better in terms of story and execution. The proceedings move fast though they lack any sort of credibility. There are too many loopholes to point out. The director has taken too much liberty in terms of interesting and fast paced narrative. The flaws are too much to ignore.

Jiiva has given an enetgitic and credible performance. But he has nothing new to do. Thulasi looks cute and acts well too. Nasser and others have done justice to their respective roles.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is impressive. The songs Aathankarai and Nenjey Nenjey are good.

Young Manush Nandan’s camera work is amazing. His cinematography perfectly reflects the mood of the story in both romantic and action packed scenes. The desert scenes and the song sequences in the second half are beautifully portrayed.

Acting by Jiiva and Thulasi

Dragging first half
Too much loopholes

Strong storyline is diluted through some poorly written scenes.
Yaan: Spectacular yet disappointment.

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