Kurai Ondrum Illai Movie Review

Kurai-Ondrum-Illai-Movie-ReviewKurai Ondrum Illai Movie Review
Cast: Geethan, Haritha, Krishna, Viswanathan, Hitler, Sathyamurthy, Krishnamurthy and others
Music: Ramanu
Cinematography: Vishwa
Director: Karthik Ravi
Producer: Pathway Films

Even before the preview show for journalists was to commence, debutant director Karthik Ravi frankly admitted that the world is full of people with their respective shares of flaws. “Nobody is flawless; we too are aware that we have made some mistakes in the making of film which we would rectify in our next venture!” he said.
The title itself has been designed very differently which can only be seen to be understood as the designer has cleverly played with Tamil letters to drive something home. The urge to be different is tangible in all aspects: story, screenplay, dialogues, etc. Obviously, Ravi has decided to make a film sending across a strong message and hasn’t attempted to treat the film as a commercially viable venture.

As per the script, Geethan works at a super-market as a salesman selling products made by farmers. He discusses with his bosses his novel idea of employing the entire workforce in the village and paying them every month properly to as to uplift their standard of living. Geethan’s bosses, however, hate his idea.

Geethan decides to implement his idea against the wishes of his bosses and sets out to reach his native place. He talks with his friends and tells them of his idea. In the meantime, he falls in love with Dr. Haritha, who is part of a mobile medical camp which visits the village and stays for a few days. Geethan’s plans are reduced to nil by his bosses even as Haritha separates from him. The rest of the film is about whether or not Geethan succeeded in his endeavour for his villagers and won Haritha’s hand.

Script review
Few films have been made signifying the importance agricultural farming in today’s context where more and more agricultural lands are getting converted into house-construction sites. Debutant or not, Ravi deserves huge congratulations for having had the courage to take up this concept and make a film on it!
The pitiable conditions of farmers who toil day-in and day-out at their fields but are unable to afford one good meal per day have been highlighted in a very elaborate manner indeed. As if rubbing the salt on the wound, the products pass through several traders’ hands (who make significant losses) before reaching the end-users (consumers), making the farmers’ lives miserable.
The depiction is so realistic that the audiences tend to believe as if they had personally visited a village and a corporate office.

Performance review
It appears that all the lead actors including the lead pair have lived the script in reality. They are so casual and realistic in their portrayals. Geethan and Haritha have done wonderfully well in getting into the skins of their respective characters. The way they fall for each other is realistic and natural sans any artificial air.
The film has its own share of flaws, though, when it comes to using and utilizing technology. At times, the film looks like a documentary. This should have been avoided at the editor’s table itself.
However, the film deserves kudos of the highest order for taking up a concept and attempting to do justice to it to the best of their efforts!

• Script
• Performance of artistes
• Background music
• Cinematography
• Feeling of watching a documentary
• Lack of comedy
Watchable, indeed!

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