Poojai Movie Review

Poojai-stillPoojai Movie Review
Banner: Vishal Film Factory
Director: Hari
Cast: Vishal, Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Priyan
Editor: V. T. Vijayan

Director Hari is known for penning scripts that dwell on action, romance, family sentiments, thrills and what not. After Singam 2, much was expected from this commercial king, and he delivers what was intended.

Vishal as Vasu the money lender gets himself in a web of problems as he saves a police officer from the attack of goons sent by Annathandavam (Mukesh Tiwari),a contract killer. Thandavam wants to revenge Vasu for this. He also has some enmity against the family of Radhika over the assets related to a temple.

Vasu is the son of Radhika but he is staying away from home thanks to a misunderstanding. Thandavam’s brutal ways bring him back to the family. He takes on Thandavam who is all powerful in every respect.

Meanwhile Divya (Shruthi) meets Vasu, the money lender and Vasu is attracted towards her. Though Divya initially refuses Vasu’s love, she changes her mind later. She stands by him in his fight against the goon.

How Vasu gets the better out of his enemies forms the crux.

Script Review:
Hari’s movies are often considered as Family entertainers mixed with some heavy action sequences, Poojai is no different from that. If commercial entertainment is your genre, then Poojai will sure serve your intent. From the word go, its romance, fight, family, drama then back to romance, fight, family in no particular order.

As again, the ensemble cast of kollywood’s finest actors as Sathyaraj, Radhika, Jayaprakash ooze life to the movie and no qualms about their casting at all. If the first half was about the lead up to the characters and their importance the director takes the second part by a breeze as it races to the finish. The story’s predictable moments makes the screenplay to drag as almost every sequence looks foreseeable. Hari’s brilliance in Saamy and his previous movies worked because of sticking to a few genres in a movie and giving life to them, however Poojai has too many genres and just when you think the plot moves around romance, a fight comes out of nowhere and then immediately shifts gears to sentiment.

Vishal gives his best and can be considered as one of the best action heroes of this age, open shirts, rugged fights and ear splitting punch dialogues just seem to suit this guy quite well.

Shruti Hassan’s role could have been etched even better than to just utilize her for romance and oozing glamour in songs.
MukeshTiwari as the Antagonist is power packed, but the dialogue exchange between the hero and the villain does not bring the required ambience.

Soori brings the comic relief in his traditional way to entice the audience. Rest of the cast brings their experience into the play.

Action sequences, fights are just innovative and treat to watch.
Vishal for his action clad performance.
Commercial elements

Too many genres in one movie
Music is a let down

Hari yet again delivers a pot boiling commercial movie, has his signature all over!

Poojai: fast moving predictable fare

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