Broker of production house demands commission from Vijay Sethupathi

vijay-sethupathi1Vijay Sethupathi, one of the prominent heroes, was taken aback when a person claiming to be representing a leading production house, demanded ‘commission’ from him for landing up film offers in his lap.

The person, once a film producer and now the mediator of a leading production house, called on Vijay Sethupathi recently. Vijay told him that he shouldn’t have visited him but it was he who should have called on him as the former producer had even made films starring Vijayakanth in the past.

The ‘broker’ reportedly requested Vijay to play the lead role in a film planned by the production house he was representing to which Vijay agreed immediately. “I’m eager to work for your company and am ready to start the shooting at any time,” Vijay told him. The broker, who called Vijay a few days later, put up a ‘proposal’ to him saying that he would be landing up offers from leading producers to Vijay on ‘commission basis’.

A shocked Vijay hit back saying that “I am not in a position where I need to bribe or give commission to bag film offers. I never thought of doing so even during my struggling days!”

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