Lingaa story: Rajini fighting for water for the people?

lingaa2Various internet-based film sites have ‘leaked out’ the storyline/script of superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Lingaa. The whole world knows that in case of Rajini’s films, the script getting leaked out prior to the film’s release in theatres hardly matters as audiences and Rajini’s millions of fans would nevertheless throng the cinema halls to watch the ‘man of the masses’ in full flow.

The story of the film, as per the above-stated sources, is thus: “In the pre-Independence days, Tamil Nadu undergoes severe drinking water crisis. Rajini, who plays the District Collector, comes forward to build a dam across the river at his own expenditure. Anti-social elements in connivance with the British rulers manage to destroy Rajini’s efforts. Rajini gives a clarion call to the people to come across as ‘Indians’ and not as caste-based individuals to build the dam and completes its construction with people supporting him.

“When the dam is to be inaugurated, Rajini is insulted by R. Sundararajan, who is close to the British rulers following which Rajini returns without throwing the dam open. Over the period, many accidents take place whenever people go across the dam and some even get murdered. People believe that insult heaped on Rajini is the reason for all the ills taking place. A young Rajini, who leads a life beyond the legal norms, steps into the script and finds out the illegal activities including rape and murder at the dam.

“The rest of the script is about how the young Rajini gets to meet the older Rajini and how the duo manages to wrest back the dam to serve the people’s cause.” Sonakshi and Anushka have been paired opposite the two Rajinis in the pre and post-Independence periods. A ‘Pongal’ song featuring Rajini and Sonakshi has made tongues wagging stating that the film might release on Pongal in January.

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